Ad-Shield Recovery : reverse ad revenue loss

Did you know that 25% of your visitors have AdBlock enabled?

On average, 25% of visitors are browsing your content with AdBlock enabled.

Measure the resulting ad revenue loss with Ad-Shield Analytics

Use Ad-Shield Recovery and turn that loss around

Ads served by Ad-Shield cannot be blocked

Hassle-free revenue creation

No hidden set-up cost

Benefit from incremental ad revenue stream through Ad-Shield Recovery without making any payment nor adding a payment method

Existing advertising channels will not be affected

Ad-Shield ads will only be displayed to visitors/users with AdBlock enabled, leaving other ad channels unaffected.

Focus on the core value exchanges with your users while leaving AdBlock to us.

Our AdBlock Monitor is capable of detecting new attempts made by the AdBlock network to block ads in real-time.

Ad-Shield responds immediately once we detect such attempts through our AdBlock Monitor, ensuring the consistency of your recovered ad revenue.

AdBlock’s ad-blocking attempts will be immediately neutralized

It takes 3-7 days for any new ad-blocking update to be fully rolled out to the user base. Ad-Shield ability to detect fresh attempts early from their inception allows our Anti-AdBlock engineers to respond to and neutralize them in a timely manner.

Ad-Shield Recovery is effortless to implement

We dedicate Solutions Engineer resource to assist you 1:1 during the implementation process. Implementation can be completed in as little as 1 hour.

Still having doubts? Check out a few of our customer testimonials below.