20% increase in ad revenue with a simple install.

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Introducing the success story of ㅍㅍㅅㅅ, a Korean “curation magazine”.

" 20% increase in ad revenue from a simple installation. There is no reason not to adopt this solution."

CEO (ㅍㅍㅅㅅ) Lee Seunghwan


Percentage of users with AdBlock enabled


Win rate versus AdBlock


Increase in ad revenue

Q. Could you give us a brief overview of ㅍㅍㅅㅅ?.

“Our articles are composed of experts’ domain knowledge and actual field experience. ㅍㅍㅅㅅ provides a platform to publish articles providing deeper insights rather than quick facts like other newspapers.”
재미를 기반으로 정확하고 유용한 지식을 전달하는 매체 'ㅍㅍㅅㅅ'

Q. How did you respond to AdBlock before Ad-Shield?

“There was no response from our side though we were aware of the problem. We simply watched the revenue leak away.”

Q. What convinced you to implement Ad-Shield?

“I experimented and made several attempts to block Ad-Shield banners with AdBlock to no avail. More importantly, the final decision to integrate Ad-Shield was made simple as there couldn’t possibly be any monetary loss incurred to our company.”

Q. What kind of impact did Ad-Shield have on your ad revenue?

“So far, it has increased by 20% thereabouts. Please bear in mind that we’re still in the early stages of adoption. Many of our users have AdBlock enabled due to their IT savviness.”

Q. Was there any backlash from AdBlock users since the introduction of Ad-Shield?

“Before Ad-Shield, we had already put way fewer ads than other publishers. There was no objection from AdBlock users. More interestingly, leaders from other publishing companies have been inquiring me about Ad-Shield.”

"ㅍㅍㅅㅅ recommends Ad-Shield to online publishers!"

There is zero loss incurred to the publishers. There is nothing terrible about revenue-boosting either.
Since the implementation is super simple, I recommend that everyone give Ad-Shield a try.