Securing incremental ad revenue

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Introducing the success story of YGOSU, a Korean community site.

"Through Ad-Shield, not only did we recover the loss due to AdBlock, we also turned that loss into profit and generated an incremental stream of ad income."



Percentage of users with AdBlock enabled


Win rate versus AdBlock


Increase in ad revenue

Q. Could you give us a brief overview of YGOSU?

“YGOSU started out as South Korea’s number 1 StartCraft community. Nowadays, the site has gone beyond gaming and transformed itself into a comprehensive community with over 1 million users.”

Q. What convinced you to implement Ad-Shield?

“Upon implementing Ad-Shield Analytics, I realized that the AdBlock rate among our users is quite high. Once I was introduced to the concept of AdBlock loss recovery, I decided to adopt Ad-Shield in order to keep pace with new trends in the advertising industry.”

Q. Did Ad-Shield implementation hurt your user count?

“Though several AdBlock users voiced out their grievances, statistics have shown that no user churn has occurred. The number of users is actually on the uptrend.”

“YGOSU recommends Ad-Shield to community sites!”

We recommend Ad-Shield to community sites with significant ad revenue loss due to AdBlock.
By recovering these losses, you can unlock an incremental ad revenue stream on top of the existing ones.